#117 – 16th Birthday Post

I know, I know, it has been a really long time since I last posted. It has been 17 days. 17 days since I turned 16 and 17 days since I finished my ’16 before 16 Challange’! But to be completely honest, I haven’t really felt like blogging. I know, it’s kind of a lame excuse. But now, 20 days later, I’m finally going to write about my AMAZING 16th birthday!!!!

My birthday started with me waking up to 16 balloons at my door. (By the way, we went on an amazing vacation to Guanacaste.) My mom took my picture and then my dad came up and said “Happy Birthday Ginger Snap” and guess what happened? I was so tired that I said “Happy Birthday Daddy”! Hahahaha

Then my dad handed me his phone. It was my grandma on my mom’s side. She told me that she loved me so much and she was sorry that we were not in Paris right then but someday we would be. (Did I ever tell ya’ll that I was going to go to Europe over my birthday till COVID – 19 stopped our trip from happening?) It was great to wake up and hear my grandma tell me that she loved me!

After taking a couple pictures of me at the table, I went and got ready for breakfast! (oh and at-home-church)

Lets take a minute and look at how sweet my dad was to remember to bring birthday decor. Look:

My mom and dad woke up early to set this up for me! SOOOOO SWEET!! Thanks Mom and Dad for making me feel so special!

This is the beautiful dress I saved for my 16th birthday after wearing it only once before! So Pretty!

For breakfast, we ate DELICIOUS crepes and berries! YUM! (sorry, i didn’t get a picture of it)

Next came presents:

Joy Boy wrote me the cutest poem ever!

And for the present, he made me a cute little stuffed animal! I named it Belt, cuz it kinda looks like this little guy in the movie Croods:

Here’s the cute little stuffed animal that Joy Boy worked so hard on:

I’ll show you what it looks like when I unpack it in Virginia. (I’ll tell you more about that later)

Next, Curly Cook gave me a cute card with my favorite cartoon boyfriend Kristoff on the back. Ha!

I was reading, so don’t make fun of the face I’m making. . . Hahaha

Curly Cook had been working on a cute little present for me on one Saturday with the help of my dad. Can you guess what it was?

It is a cute little award that says “Worlds best sister goes to the one and only . . . Ginger Snap!”

So sweet right?

After their cute presents, I opened the presents I got myself. (AirPods, a watercolor journal, and a Cadbury Chocolate Bar!)


After breakfast, we did family home church and enjoyed doing family history. Then my grandparents on my dad’s side called. It was really nice to talk to them! Love you guys so much!!!

After that, my older brother (who was in a mission intermission) called! It was so great to talk to him! (Right now, he is on his mission again, but in Washington. Cool right?!) Im so glad that he could take time out of his day to talk to me!

Later, we watched one of my all time favorite movies . . . “Beauty and the Beast” (the live action)

If you haven’t seen it yet, YOU MUST SEE IT!!

When we finished the amazing movie (it was my dad’s first time seeing it) we drove to our friends house for chicken bones and dessert! For my “birthday cake” they made me yummy cherry turn overs! They were sooooo good!!!!

Our friends even set up a birthday sign for me and sang me happy birthday 3 times! Cool right?

Our friends are soooo nice!

When we got home, I enjoyed watching “Round Of Your Life” until 1:30 am!

I had an AMAZING BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Love ya’ll!


Heres another one of my new favorite songs:

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