Virginia Beach Day! (DD #3)

Sorry I’m late. But I have a great excuse for not writing yesterday:

Yesterday, my parents surprised us with a long awaited trip to . . . VIRGINIA BEACH!!!

But before we got to the beach, we decided to drive thru the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Underwater Tunnels

Isn’t it a beauty? 😂

The only thing I didn’t like about going through the underwater tunnels, was the fact that the water put pressure on my ears and it hurt! But let’s not dwell on that thought. . .

After eating a gourmet lunch of pb & j sandwiches and some carrot sticks, we drove back through the tunnels and all the way to Chesapeake Bay!

While we were deciding if we wanted to stay at the beach, Curly Cook saw something cool that she decided she wanted to try. It was one of these babies:

Since we were celebrating Mom’s birthday (even if it is the second to last day in October) Dad decided to splurge and rent one of these cool 4 (or 5) people bike. It was so much fun. Even if my calfs are kind of aching now. After 5 minutes of peddling, my dad said that he wanted French fries, and he was going to get French fries. 🍟

So we stopped at DQ on the way back to the rental place, and we got some French fries. Dad was kind enough to share. Lucky, since it is moms birthday month, she decided to splurge again and get a delicious Pumpkin Pie Blizzard! It was so refreshing and DELICIOUS! So if ya wanna try something super delicious, get one of those. It’s totally worth the money.

After returning the bike and getting another quick treat, (funnel cake with powdered sugar) we decided to put some more money in our car meter and
go relax at the beach.

While Curly Cook and Joy Boy played in the sand dunes, Mom, Dad, and I relaxed on our towels and watched some people fly their kites. It was so refreshing to be at the beach again! Even though it was hard to hear over the sound of aircrafts flying by every 5 minutes, I loved every minute we got to be there! Thanks Mom and Dad!

One last thing I must mention, if you have cold feet, buy some Omni Wool socks at Sam’s club! They are super comfy and super warm!

Well, gotta go!


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