3 Things to do (DD#9)

Good Morning! ☀️

I dont know what to talk about today. . .

So! I’m going to write a list of things to do when you don’t know what to do! 😂

#1 – Learn to write with your non-dominant hand

You’ll know that is one of my new “hobbies.” Let’s just say IT IS HARD. My hand is always aching, but it is such a good thing to do. It is time consuming and great for people with no patience (me) to learn patience.

#2 Try photography!

I believe everyone now owns at least 1 camera. Whether that’s a phone camera, a professional camera or a disposable camera. Oh, maybe even a polo ride camera. Who know? But here’s what you’ll wanna do. Find something you think is cool and take a million pictures of it. Then go through them all and heart your favorite. Then delete the rest. Yep, super easy and super simple!

#5 – Edit those pictures

Now that you’ve probably got some random raw picture, take them into a photo editor (right now I’m loving the app PS Express) and then edit the heck out of them! It’s tons of fun! Maybe you can even try ten different ways of editing them.

I cant think of anymore right now. I hope these helped you in some way! Thanks for reading 😂


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