Fall! (DD#10)

I am so excited that its fall! I love that I get to wear cute jeans, warm sweaters and boots every single day!! Even if it is freeezing 🥶

Even though I love the cute outfits and blanket weather, it is not my favorite thing about fall. My favorite thing are the random red leaf trees!! Just ask my family. I randomly yell out on our car drive “I LOVE THOSE RANDOM RED LEAVES!! THEY ARE UNIQUE LIKE ME!!!”

“Majestic Glowing Red”

by: Ginger Snap

The leaves are a majestic glowing red  
Like the color of the hair on my head  
My hands are cold but I don’t care 
I just want to watch leaves twirl in the air 
I feel so free when the airs cold and crisp
‘Cause autumn’s time is my heavenly bliss

One bad thing about fall is colds. Not cold weather, I mean catching a cold. And that is what I got 4 days ago. . . I stayed in bed for 3 full days and one of them was filled with fevers!

Luckily, I’m feeling so much better. Like, today I had enough energy to braid my hair, clean the tiny rv kitchen, and make myself a cup of camomile herbal tea. (it was gross)

This picture of fall leaves on snow is from my big brother in Washington. Isn’t it pretty?

I better go! Thanks for reading!



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