About Me

Hi! My name is blablablablabla, but here on my blog, I go by Ginger Snap. I am a teenage girl who loves life and the opportunities it throws my way!

This blog is here for you to enjoy reading about my life in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. If you didn’t even know there was a country in this world with that name or where the heck it is, let me show you:

Above is a picture of amazing North America. The only continent that I have been on (so far). Do you see that little “tail” at the end of Mexico? That is called Central America!

My family and I live right below Nicaragua and right above Panama. Costa Rica is a beautiful green filled country. It rains half the year so that is why it is so green!

The beaches are amazing here so if you ever want to visit, go to the BEACH!!!

Ok, now let’s talk more about me! I love watercoloring, taking pictures, playing my beautiful blue guitar and singing when no one is around! I love reading which means I am a BOOK WORM!! I have read over 100 books in 2 years which I am very proud of because when I was younger I hated reading!

My favorite book is the Book of Mormon. If you have not read it, you can learn about it here and read it here. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I love the gospel! If you want to learn more about the church, you can learn more here and here!

One of the things you should know about me is that I am homeschool! I have been homeschool since 2016. It was hard at first but after a while, I have learned to love it. I love teaching myself and learning what I want to learn! My favorite courses are by The Good and the Beautiful program.

Well, I better close up! I hope you enjoy reading about life through the eyes of a teenaged girl! Love ya’ll!